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Polar Bonz - Bugaboo


  Polar Bonz

  Real Bones. Real fun.

   The Bugaboo

  Approximately 20" long

Polar Bonz are unique dog toys hand-crafted right here at Rodeo Ranch USA, home of RanchDog Rescue. We start with fresh, raw, free-range, grass-fed beef bones. Chewing on real bones comes naturally to dogs, and is one of the very best ways to keep their teeth clean. The dogs of RanchDog Rescue “work” to provide the initial cleaning of the bones. A job they thoroughly enjoy. Then the bones are washed, and gently sanded to remove any rough edges. We use no bleach or chemicals in our cleaning process.The best bones are then combined with fleece to create Polar Bonz, fun and engaging toys for your dog.




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