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Hawthorn & Dandelion - for Heart Health - 1 oz. bottle


An all-natural dietary supplement from Amber  Technology.

Recommended during heartworm treatment with HWF

Strengthens the heart muscle, improves circulation and may be used as a diuretic.


Hawthorn – Diuretic, Antispasmodic. Hawthorn is primarily used to improve cardiovascular health. Modern research has proven Hawthorn to be valuable as an herb for cardiovascular problems in order to promote a healthy heart. It causes more blood flow to reach the muscles of the heart. Hawthorn can also help to reduce the incidence of angina, which is a spasm of the blood vessels, improve the smooth muscle walls of the rest of the circulatory system, improve blood pressure, improve circulation and treat symptoms of mild heart failure, decreasing the occurrence of chest pain, reducing atherosclerosis, and helping with trouble sleeping. Hawthorn will not stop an angina attack. Hawthorn is an herbal product. It works by widening blood vessels, especially heart blood vessels, which results in increased heart blood flow.

Dandelion – Diuretic, Detoxifier. Research has shown that Dandelion works well as a diuretic, but the mechanism for its work is not understood. Research in Germany showed that it helped to detoxify the body and stimulate the production of bile. Dandelion helps with water retention, regulation of blood glucose, upset stomach, urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones, liver and loss of appetite.

Ethyl Alcohol – Preservative, Intensifier. Intensifies, while preserving the properties of this herbal tincture.

Distilled Water

Hawthorn & Dandelion has a 4-year shelf life.

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