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LIFE CELL SUPPORT is designed to support the body’s ability to cleanse, to eliminate toxins & to regenerate damaged cells, ultimately to optimize organ function (including the liver & the thyroid gland). Detoxification & elimination processes enhance the body’s oxygen carrying capacity, circulation, & immune function. Our pets are constantly exposed to toxins from flea & tick treatmensts, lawn care products, commercial pet foods, vaccinations, household cleaners, etc. LIFE CELL SUPPORT can help eliminate these toxins stored in your pets body.


Utility of Life Cell Support

Vital for detox & purification

Vital for digestion

Aids in hormonal stability

Participates in red cell metabolism

Assures proper neurological function (to include normal mental states)


Life Cell Support aids the body:

Detoxify & Purify

Clear post-vaccination responses

Detoxify the blood from certain types of poisons

Optimize liver performance

Improve bile flow

Reduce bloat

Promote cellular regeneration

Maintain thyroid function

Maintain normal lymphatic flow

Maintain normal circulation

Optimize energy

Maintain hormonal balance

Self -normalize hyperactivity

Optimize neurological function


LIFE CELL SUPPORT can be given on a long-term basis. Depending on the severity of the disease will depend on the time use time needed.



Animal Weight - Life Cell Support

Under 3 lbs. - 2 drops

3-10 lbs. - 5 drops

11-20 lbs. - 10 drops

21 and up - 15 drops

For animals over 150 lbs add 5 drops for each additional 100 lbs


Life Cell Support Contains:

Sheep Sorrel leaf, stem, & flower – promotes detoxification & cell regeneration;

contains anti-oxidants, to include chlorophyll; said to remove foreign deposits from blood vessel walls,

reduce pancreatic inflammation, improve vascular health, & enhance tissue oxygenation; used for

diarrhea; thought to promote tumor mass reduction.

Burdock root – Promotes full body harmony & systemic balance; optimizes function of vital organs--

especially the liver, pancreas, & spleen; promotes bile flow; eliminates excess extra-cellular fluids;

improves digestion; used in rheumatic conditions; enhances secrection of digestive fluids.

Rhubarb Root - Gentle laxative action; stimulates the biliary duct as to expel toxic waste matter.

Slippery Elm bark - Soothes & nourishes the digestive tract; used for diarrhea; promotes

detoxification & purification.

Blessed thistle – Promotes gastric fluid flow; used to relieve dyspepsia, indigestion, & headache;

stimulates bile flow; promotes liver detoxification; anti-inflammatory & cellular regenerating effects.

Red Clover – Reduces symptoms of cough & sore throat; aids to reduce liver dysfunction.

Water Cress – Appetite stimulant; thought to help purify blood; aids in reducing bone & joint

swelling; aids in reducing respiratory tract congestion; used to detoxify.

Alcohol – Intensifies the properties of LIFE CELL SUPPORT herbal tincture while acting as a


Distilled Water


Life Cell Support has a 4-year shelf life.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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